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Action Alert: Contact your senator to support university research funding in FY2007

ANS Members:

The U.S. Department of Energy's University Reactor Fuel Assistance and Support Program are scheduled to be cut in the Administrations FY 2007 budget. A 2007 budget cut will slow down advancements in science research and technology at universities and colleges.

Senator George Voinovich and Senator Jeff Bingham are asking experts in the nuclear science and technology field to contact their Senators this week to ensure funding does not get cut and be restored to its FY 2006 level of $27 million. This way we can ensure the future expansion of nuclear power in the country.

Call your Senators to support University Research Funding in the FY2007 budget.

1: Call 202)224-3121 and ask for your Senator.

2: Once connected, ask for the "Energy L.A."

3: Make your pitch - How would the funding cuts affect/hurt Universities and Colleges.

4: Ask them to sign the Voinovich-Bingaman Nuclear Engineering Letter.

5: If they agree, send a short email with Senator/Staff Contact info to ANS Washington Representative Craig Piercy.

Act now, the Senate leaves for Easter recess this Friday.

Last year the program provided $27 million dollars in direct support to educational institutions in 27 states. The program provides universities and colleges with research and support to help keep enrollment numbers up in the field. Without it the number of qualified professionals would diminish. Currently there are 28 operating research reactors that would be affected if the program were to be cut.
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