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The American public learns about science and technology through many different routes, and the ANS Speakers Bureau contributes the nuclear professional's perspective to this education. The Speakers Bureau consists of scientists, engineers, administrators, researchers and others who have committed to participate in media outreach and public education activities.

By speaking with journalists and broadcasters, Speakers Bureau members hope to share their specialized knowledge and technical experience. They aim to help the public to make informed decisions by conveying facts and educated opinions about nuclear science and technology. With nearly 200 members in 38 states, the Speakers Bureau reveals the commitment of ANS members to educate the public on nuclear topics.

Dr. Denis Beller
Dr. Denis Beller, a member of the ANS Speakers Bureau, addresses
a group of engineering students at Northwestern University on the environmental benefits of nuclear energy.  Dr. Beller is one of many
nuclear specialists available through the ANS Speakers Bureau to
address the varied disciplines of nuclear science, technology and

Below is a partial list of the specialties represented by ANS members.
  • Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Biology and Medicine
  • Careers in Nuclear Engineering and Science
  • Construction of Nuclear Plants
  • Food Irradiation
  • Fuel Cycle and Waste Management
  • Future Energy Needs
  • Human Factors
  • Medical Benefits of Nuclear
  • Nuclear Energy and the Environment
  • Nuclear Safety and Security
  • Radiation
  • Storage Options for Nuclear Wastes
  • Transportation Safety and Storage Issues
  • Yucca Mountain Suitability

How to Schedule an Interview

The roster of the American Nuclear Society's Speakers Bureau offers many opportunities to speak with individuals directly involved with the nuclear issues. Contact the Communications Specialist to coordinate an interview, by phone at 708-579-8224 or via e-mail.

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