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  1. Nuclear energy is dependable, affordable, and environmentally sound
    • Nuclear energy is not subject to unreliable weather or climate conditions, unpredictable fuel cost fluctuations, or dependence on foreign suppliers.
    • Electricity generated by nuclear power is among the cheapest available today - production costs are the same or less than production costs from coal, oil, or natural gas
    • Nuclear energy is the nation's largest and the only expandable source of electricity with near-zero emissions that will help the US meet clean air requirements.
  2. Nuclear energy is needed to meet increasing electricity demand
    • There is a limited supply of natural resources, which is insufficient to continue to meet growing electricity demand.
    • Maintaining or increasing nuclear energy's share in the nation's energy mix will reduce US dependence on foreign oil.
    • Over the next 20 years, the US will need 400,000 megawatts of new electric generating capacity to meet new electricity demand.
  3. New power plants can now be built faster and cheaper
    • Standardized designs will lead to greater efficiencies in all aspects of nuclear plant operations.
    • Technological advances offer designs that are simpler and more compact, which leads to reduced construction time and costs.
    • Improvements in the regulatory processes reduce uncertainties in licensing and construction, which lowers the costs of capital needed to finance new plants.

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