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The United States needs a program to ensure supplies of radioisotopes for industrial and security applications.
Domestic sources of radioisotopes are needed to adequately sustain the growing use of this technology to ensure our productivity, security and competitiveness.

Inspections - Radioisotopes provide tracers that allow for inspection and detection of pollutants, gauges that measure precise amounts for better use raw materials, radiography techniques that identify invisible cracks before they affect bridges, pipelines or heavy equipment.

Sterilization - Radioisotopes sterilize items including cosmetics, medical products and surgical instruments. Safer and cheaper than other methods, radiation sterilizes after an item is packaged and provides for an extended shelf life.

Research - Geologists, archaeologists and police rely on radioisotopes to determine the age and chemical composition of materials. Biologists explore the use of radiation in food preservation and agriculture to develop better fertilizers, control insects and improve plant breeds.

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