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  1. Growing need for nuclear professionals
  2. More nuclear professionals are needed domestically and internationally.
    • The demand exceeds the supply of graduates trained in nuclear science and technology.
    • Many nuclear professionals are retiring and need to transfer their knowledge to the next generation of experts.
    • Nuclear careers exist in the areas of medicine, manufacturing, agriculture, security, and energy.
  3. Rewarding career opportunities
  4. There are many exciting opportunities for careers in nuclear science and technology.
    • Knowledgeable and experienced professionals serve as instructors and mentors to students entering nuclear careers.
    • Scholarships, awards, and honors exist for student education and research.
    • Nuclear Engineers have the 3rd highest median income among the engineering professions at $102,000/year.
  5. Math and science education is essential
  6. Support of nuclear science and technology education programs is essential to maintaining our standard of living.
    • Teachers, parents and business leaders must encourage young people to consider rewarding careers in nuclear science and technology.
    • A scientifically literate population, educated in math and science, is essential for our national economy and security.
    • Ensuring a reliable workforce of highly capable people provides opportunities for saving lives, improving our environment, understanding our world and exploring our universe.

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