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An Insider's View Series

Nuclear science and technology is the subject of increasing international interest due to many factors, including the environmental benefits of nuclear energy; the production and use of radioisotopes for medical uses; concerns over and support for national security and non-proliferation; and increasing options for re-using and recycling spent fuel. Public support for nuclear technologies has also been increasing as people learn factual information about the benefits of nuclear science.

Members of the American Nuclear Society are ideal spokespeople on nuclear issues in their communities. To assist outreach efforts, the Public Information Committee (PIC) of the American Nuclear Society is developing a series - An Insider's View - on important nuclear issues. The Insider's View Series is available for viewing online or for download and use in outreach efforts to audiences of all ages.

For your convenience, the Insider's View series is offered in a variety of design and layout options. The content of the Insider's View is the same across all options.

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