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Nuclear ExplorersSM Informal Education Program for Youth

When you think of education, you probably think of classrooms, teachers, schedules, and tests. Of course, learning doesn.t stop when the last bell rings. In fact, a lot of what children learn is discovered outside of school through youth programs at parks, museums, libraries, before and after school activities, and in myriad other settings. Informal education focuses on learning through exploration in engaging, interactive settings where the emphasis is on fun, not grades.

The Nuclear Explorers program is designed to assist American Nuclear Society (ANS) local and student sections to expand their community outreach to youth informal education program providers. This toolkit provides guidance in developing partnerships, promoting, planning, and presenting your own Nuclear Explorers programs. You.ll find links to suggested workshop agendas, sample emails to potential partners, promotional flyers, activities, social media posts, and more. And of course, the ANS staff are available to help you succeed.

Informal education is an increasingly popular option for parents looking to provide productive out-of-school experiences for their children, whether during before- or after-school care or simply for educational enrichment. According to the Afterschool Alliance, more than half of parents look for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content in an out-of-school program. There is a natural audience that should be interested in your programming!

Nuclear science and technology experiences are ideally suited to informal settings. Without pressure to perform or classroom time constraints, children are free to explore topics that they might not get in school, such as running nuclear experiments, building robots, or learning about new nuclear technologies. This is also an opportunity to interest students in nuclear or related science careers.

For more information or assistance in developing a Nuclear Explorers program in your community, please contact ANS at

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