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ANS Collaborate brings together great ideas, lessons learned and valuable insights from within the nuclear science and technology community. This private, virtual networking site is your portal to engage with your ANS member colleagues through discussion boards, to exchange information through document and file sharing, and to stay up to date on your division or committee activities.

To get started:

  1. Log into ANS Collaborate.
  2. Review your Member Profile on Collaborate (you will find the link to your profile on the upper right side of the ANS Collaborate home page.) Some information is pre-populated from your membership record. Provide more information if you wish and upload your photo. You decide how much or how little information you make visible to others.
  3. You have been automatically enrolled as a member of your divisions' groups. Select "Groups" => My Groups on the top nav bar and explore your divisions.
  4. Participate! Post discussion messages, comments and content. Ask questions, share stories or get feedback from your peers. Peruse your divisions' member directories to find old friends or to establish new colleagues. Establish a mentor relationship. Communicate directly with other ANS members through the ANS Collaborate messaging service.

ANS Collaborate will send you notifications when an event, discussion or announcement is posted in one of your groups or when someone sends you a message or contact request. (You can also determine the frequency you wish to receive these notifications.)

Please see the attached for getting started with ANS Collaborate.

Use your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Jump in and join the conversation.

ANS Collaborate

Questions about the ANS Collaborate? Email Member Services or call us at 800-323-3044. We are happy to help!

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