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ANS member dues for calendar year 2015 are $170 (prorated quarterly), with discounts for those in early career and age 35 and under. Student member dues for calendar year 2015 are $30. ANS memberships and publication subscriptions are based on the calendar year and all expire December 31st. ANS dues include membership in two professional divisions of your choice. Additional divisions can be selected at a cost of $10 each. Memberships are not transferrable to other individuals.

2015 Membership Dues

Professional: full-time nuclear education
completed more than 5 years ago and/or
employed in nuclear/engineering-related field

Over 35:
35 and Under:
(U.S., Canada, Mexico)
$128 *
$94 *
(includes postage)
$180 *
$146 *
Early Career: full-time nuclear/
engineering/allied field education completed within the past 5 years and new to nuclear industry
Graduated in 2014:
Graduated 2010-2013:
$0 *
$64 *
$52 *
$116 *
Active U.S. Military:
$64 *
$116 *
Developing/Least-Developed Countries

ANS offers individuals from Developing and Least-Developed Countries a reduced membership fee. Members will have full benefits, including free access to the online version of Nuclear News magazine. This membership does not include the print version of Nuclear News. Please review the listing of eligible countries and pricing.

* Plus Entrance Fee

An entrance fee of $18 is required of all new members, as well as memberships that have lapsed longer than two years (reinstatements). Members who renew their memberships within a two-year time period are considered renewals. No Entrance Fee is charged to Students, Lifetime Members, or renewals.

Student Membership

Student memberships include a subscription to the monthly Nuclear News magazine and bi-monthly ANS News. Student memberships are not prorated.

(U.S., Canada, Mexico)


Lifetime Membership

For a one-time fee, members can retain their ANS membership for life. Lifetime members will be sent a yearly statement to update address and membership information, order publications, and to make voluntary contributions to the scholarship, NEED, and public education programs.

Under 40
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 65
66 - 70
Over 70
Overseas lifetime members will be charged $70 yearly for overseas airmail postage.

Emeritus / Fellow Emeritus

Current ANS members who have been members of ANS for 10 years, are at least 60 years old, and retired, qualify for Emeritus or Fellow Emeritus status, at the following dues rates:

(U.S., Canada, Mexico)
Emeritus / Fellow Emeritus

Contact ANS Membership if you qualify for Emeritus/Fellow Emeritus status.

2015 Additional Publication Subscription Rates

When submitting an application for membership, all members also have the opportunity to subscribe to additional scientific publications at a members-only discounted rate. Subscriptions cover the full calendar year and back issues are sent.

Members Only

(U.S., Canada, Mexico)
Nuclear Technology Journal *
Nuclear Science and Engineering Journal *
Transactions *
Fusion Science and Technology Journal *
Radwaste Solutions
$40 ($20 Online)
Proceedings - CD-ROM
Nuclear Standard News (online only)

* Print subscriptions include searchable online access.

Voluntary Contributions

Voluntary contributions to the following ANS programs are appreciated:

  • Public Education & The Center for NS&T Information
  • Scholarships for Economically Disadvantaged Students
  • Academic Scholarships

Is Your Spouse a Member?

ANS allows spouses who are current paid members of the Society the opportunity to replace one of their subscriptions to Nuclear News with another ANS publication. Contact ANS Membership for details.

New Member Packages

Applications for membership are processed as soon as payment is received. New member packages, which include a membership certificate, welcome letter with ID card, a New Member Bulletin, and other information, are sent to new members within two weeks.

Membership Renewal

All memberships expire December 31st with the first renewal reminder sent in September. Please renew your memberships promptly to avoid discontinuation of service and mailings of Nuclear News magazine. If you were a member of ANS in 2013 or 2014, you can renew your 2015 membership online.

Membership Questions

Contact membership at 800-323-3044, fax 708-579-8295 or via e-mail.

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