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Presented to graduating high-school seniors who are pursuing science, mathematics and/or technical courses with an interest in working in nuclear science and technology.

Will Fox - La Costa Canyon High School
Warner McGhee - Patrick Henry High School
Matthew Midea - Mt. Lebanon High School
Nicholas Osmond - North Hills High School

Presented to undergraduate students of nuclear science and engineering in recognition of outstanding efforts and academic achievements in pursuit of a college education.

Sophomore Undergraduate
Manfred Virgil Ambat - University of California, Berkeley
Cody Andrew Barrie - Utah State University
Austin D. Mullen - University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Zachary W. Pickering - Utah State University

Undergraduate (Junior/Senior)
Matthew Cole Abernathy - Texas A&M University
John Tyler Askew - University of Florida
James Broderick - Utah State University
William Christopher Dawn - North Carolina State University
Gabriel DeCaro - North Carolina State University
Rebeka Saige Gottfried - North Carolina State University
Austin Grandizio - Penn State University
Zhuoran Han - University of Michigan
Shane C Henderson - North Carolina State University
Addison F. Lange - Purdue University
Chase D. Lawing - North Carolina State University
Megan A LoMonaco - North Carolina State University
Garon Levi Morgan - Virginia Commonwealth University
Eric Waggoner Nelius - University of Tennessee
Ivana Radovanovic . University of Florida -
Joshua David Rasmussen - Utah State University
Gavin Ridley - University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Peter D. Tancini - University of Pittsburgh

Angelo F. Bisesti Memorial Scholarship
Olin William Calvin - University of Florida

Joseph R. Dietrich Memorial Scholarship
Evan Leppink - University of Michigan

Raymond DiSalvo Memorial Scholarship
Daniel O'Grady - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

William R. & Mila Kimel Nuclear Engineering Scholarship
Trent Lai - Brigham Young University

Robert G. Lacy Memorial
Aaron T. Guckenberger - University of Wisconsin-Madison

John R. Lamarsh Memorial Scholarship
Colby K. Searle - Utah State University

Robert T. (Bob) Liner Memorial Scholarship
Dustin R. Popp - University of Florida

Hans P. Loewen Memorial Scholarship
Michael Martin - University of California, Berkeley

Accelerator Applications Division Scholarship
Samantha H. Michael - North Carolina State University

Decommissioning, Decontamination & Reutilization Division Undergraduate Scholarship
Kathryn Ann Mummah - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Operations and Power Division Scholarship
Kalie R. Knecht - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Operations & Power Division Robert L. Long Memorial Scholarship
Zachary F. Thomas - Utah State University

Rudy Stamm'ler Undergraduate Reactor Physics Scholarship
Miriam Anne Rathbun - University of Pittsburgh

Charles (Tommy) Thomas Memorial
Robert L. Olsen - Utah State University

For academic excellence and outstanding achievements to a full-time graduate student in the field of nuclear science and engineering.

Samuel J. Cope - North Carolina State University
Levi D. Gardner - University of Florida
Travis J. Labossiere-Hickman - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Adrian M. Leandro - Pennsylvania State University
Cole Manring - North Carolina State University
Samuel W. McAlpine - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Daniel Nunez - University of Michigan
Nina C. Sorrell - North Carolina State University
Maxwell E. Wiechec - Stanford University

Robert A. Dannels Memorial Scholarship
Kalin R. Kiesling - University of Wisconsin - Madison

Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences Division Graduate Scholarship
Eric Rasch - University of Michigan

Alan F. Henry/Paul A. Greebler Memorial Scholarship
Joel Kulesza - University of Michigan

Saul Levine Memorial Scholarship
Matthew Boraas - University of Missouri, Columbia -

Michael J. Lineberry Graduate Scholarship
Scott Richards - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Walter Meyer Memorial Scholarship
Jessica L. Bishop - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Nuclear Criticality Safety Pioneers Scholarship
Zander Mausolff - University of Florida

Fuel Cycle & Waste Management Division John D. Randall Scholarship
Gordon M. Petersen - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

James F. Schumar Scholarship
Matthew Jeffrey Jasica - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Robert E. Uhrig Graduate Scholarship
Prathamesh Bilgunde - Iowa State University

Vogt Radiochemistry Scholarship
Hadyn Daughtery - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

NEED Scholarship Awards
For disadvantaged students who have both exceptional financial needs and demonstrated academic potential for success in fields related to nuclear science and engineering.

John and Muriel Landis Scholarships
Juliusz A. Kruszelnicki - University of Michigan
Joseph E. Lee - University of California, Berkeley

NEED Scholarship Award for Community College and Trade School
Liliana Atanacio - Berkshire Community College

Community College/Trade School Scholarship Awards

Kent Hamlin Memorial Scholarship
Alan C. Martin - University of Florida

Local Section Scholarship Awards

Pittsburgh Local Section Undergraduate Scholarship
Miriam Anne Rathbun - University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Local Section Graduate Scholarship
Travis Carless - Carnegie Mellon University

Washington, DC Local Section Undergraduate Scholarship
Erik Olson - Utah State University

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