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Robert L. Long Training Excellence Award


The award was renamed the Robert L. Long Training Excellence Award in 2010 to memorialize Dr. Long's legacy and is intended to recognize an individual or group who has demonstrated sustained excellence in nuclear training. Nominations of worthy candidates for the award are solicited by ANS and the Education, Training and Workforce Development Division (ETWDD). Nominations must be made by ANS members and there are no self nominations. Nominees need not be members of the Society but shall be individuals who are or have be en active in nuclear training. The recipient may be a group of individuals who work as a team or a single individual.


In 1993 the Education, Training and Workforce Development Division established the Training Excellence Award to recognize individual s in the nuclear energy industry. The award is an engraved plaque for the recipient and a framed certificate for the recipient's organization. The awards made to (individual or group), who currently work in the field of nuclear training and education, are intended to recognize outstanding, innovative, unique and cost-effective contributions to the field.

Selection Method

Training and Education are those activities related to the training and qualification of personnel working in the nuclear field. Current practitioners in International and US Commercial, government/contractor, university and union nuclear training and education fields are eligible for nomination. Nominations must be made by an ANS member on the ANS Honors and Awards Nomination Form.

Nominations, which are valid for the year submitted, must include:

  • Category for award-individual or group.
  • Complete nominee information with address and contact information.
  • Complete sponsor information with address and contact information.
  • Brief summary of reason for nomination (will serve as basis for citation for successful nominees).
  • Detailed description of activity of individual or group to be recognized. Attach appropriate related and supporting information.

Nomination packages must be of sufficient detail to fully inform the selection committee of the nominee's qualification for the award. Nominations can be resubmitted up to two times after the initial submittal.

The award need not be given in periods when qualified candidates are not submitted. Multiple awards are allowed in a year when more than one exceptional candidate is submitted.

The selection of the recipient is made by the ETWDD Honors and Awards Committee who forwards the selection to the ETWDD Executive Committee for approval. The National ANS Honors and Awards Committee are available for consultation and review as appropriate.

Nomination Deadline: August 1


Odd Years- Winter Meeting, Plenary Awards Session
Even Years- ANS Conference on Nuclear Training and Education (with verbal recognition at the Winter Meeting)

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