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Samuel Glasstone Award


This award was established in 1969 by ANS when Dr. Samuel Glasstone contributed funds to the Society to be used specifically for an annual award to the outstanding Student Section of ANS. Dr. Glasstone's initial bequest specified that the award be given to that student section "which accomplished the most notable achievements in public service and the advancement of nuclear engineering." The Student Sections Committee (SSC) and Education, Training and Workforce Development Division (ETWDD) have interpreted this specification to emphasize student section activities both for external persons or groups as well as the student section members themselves. directed to advance the nuclear engineering understanding of section members. This award recognizes ANS student sections that have accomplished notable achievements in public service and the advancement of nuclear science and engineering.

Selection Method

Instead of a written report for the express purpose of satisfying requirements for the selection of the Samuel Glasstone Award, each student section is encouraged to submit an Annual Report of their activities. The primary purpose of such a report is to share the activities of each student section with the others, helping all the student sections to expand and improve their programs. These reports will be used to evaluate the student sections for the secondary purpose of selecting the Samuel J. Glasstone Award recipient.

To facilitate this format, each student section is encouraged to create a professional document which minimizes the repetition of information and maximizes concise and complete reporting of all ongoing section activities which indicate a novel initiative on the part of the student section and distinguish it from other sections.

All ANS student sections are eligible for the award. A written report of the section activities is required.

Nomination Deadline:
May 1
Annual Meeting

Submit reports in Word or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format to with a copy to honors..

Hard copies can be mailed to:

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