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Dwight D. Eisenhower Award

This award was established in 2014 by the Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Division (NNPD) to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the field of nuclear nonproliferation. The award is named after the late Dwight D. Eisenhower, a pioneer who helped nurture the nuclear age to technical and political maturity. The award is administered by the Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Division. When possible, one such award will be made each year following procedures established by the NNPD. The honoree will be presented with an engraved medal at a special ceremony organized by the NNPD during the Winter Meeting of the Society.

Nominations are made on a standard form available by clicking on the link above. Three sponsors are required, one of which must be an ANS member. One sponsor shall be designated as the principal sponsor. The principal sponsor has the responsibility of (a) securing the required letters of recommendation from the other two co-sponsors, (b) assembling the nomination package and (c) submitting it to ANS headquarters along with his or her own recommendation of the nominee by the deadline indicated in the call for nominations announcement. Sponsors of a given candidate should be dispersed geographically, and only one may be from the home institution of the candidate.

Evidence of the candidate's contributions shall be submitted in the form of written recommendations from the sponsors and others as appropriate, specifying the candidate's outstanding accomplishments and contributions that have benefitted the field of nuclear nonproliferation to the degree meriting consideration for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award. The selection of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award is determined by critical review and assessment of submitted credentials and qualifications; hence, due care should be exercised in preparation of the nomination package. In the process of review and selection, emphasis is placed on excellence of achievement in the field of nuclear nonproliferation as evidenced by (a) outstanding original research, documented in refereed scientific journals or major publications and by (b) outstanding leadership in nuclear nonproliferation, supported by the nomination letters.

The nominee must be living at the time of submittal but in certain exceptional cases a posthumous award could be made. A curriculum vitae along with a bibliography of major publications including documentation of participation in symposia and conferences may be attached.

Members of the NNPD Executive, Program and Honors & Awards Committees, the latter being the committee under whose purview the program has been initiated and is being conducted, are excluded as candidates for the award during their respective terms of office. They may, however, make nominations of others for the award.

Nomination Deadline:
April 30th
Winter Meeting, or other meetings as deemed appropriate by the NNPD H&A Committee, with approval from the NNPD Executive Committee.

Nomination forms and supporting documents (in Word or Adobe Acrobat) should be emailed to This nomination package will then be sent to the Chair of the NNPD H&A Committee.

Hard copies can be mailed to:

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American Nuclear Society
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La Grange Park, IL 60526-5535

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