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University of California-Berkeley
Peter Hosemann
Excelsior College
Jane A. LeClair
University of Florida
William G. Vernetson
Georgia Institute of Technology
Chaitanya S. Deo
Idaho State University
John Bennion
University of Illinois at Champaign
Daniel F. Hang
University of Illinois
Rizwan Uddin
Kansas State University
Jeffrey Geuther
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Benoit Forget
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Gilbert J. Brown
University of Michigan
Brian Kiedrowski
Missouri University of Science and Technology *
Shoaib Usman
North Carolina State University
Hany Abdel-Khalik
Ohio State University
Xiaodong Sun
Oregon State University
Wade R. Marcum
Pennsylvania State University
Jack S. Brenizer, Jr.
Purdue University
Lafteri Tsoukalas
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Peter F. Caracappa
South Carolina State University
Musa Danjaji
University of Tennesee
Martin Grossbeck
Texas A&M University
John Ford, Jr.
University of Texas, Austin
Steven R. Biegalski
United States Military Academy, West Point
Major Samuel Heider
University of Utah
Tatjana Jevremovic
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Paul P. Wilson

* formerly the University of Missouri-Rolla

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