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The objective of the Alpha Nu Sigma Society is to recognize high scholarship, integrity, and potential achievement in applied nuclear science and nuclear engineering among outstanding students by means of membership in the Society.

The Alpha Nu Sigma National Honor Society for Nuclear Science and Engineering was authorized by the ANS Board of Directors in June 1979, after good organizational work by an Ad Hoc Committee of the ANS Education & Training Division that resulted in establishment of this national honor society. Also, the Education & Training Division is the Board of Directors for Alpha Nu Sigma.

The affairs of the Alpha Nu Sigma Society are administered by the Society Officers under the Alpha Nu Sigma Constitution. The Alpha Nu Sigma Society is affiliated with the American Nuclear Society (ANS), with the Headquarters Offices of the ANS holding the Secretariat for Alpha Nu Sigma.

Only those institutions of higher learning which have a Student Section of the American Nuclear Society may be granted a charter for a local chapter of the Alpha Nu Sigma Society. The primary contact for each local chapter is the Faculty Advisor (see: Alpha Nu Sigma Local Chapters and Faculty Advisors).

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