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While ANS is national and international in its scope, its base is its headquarters in La Grange Park, Illinois. It did not start there, however. As with many associations, ANS moved around some during its early years. ANS's first "home" was in space provided by the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies in Tennessee. In 1958 the headquarters were moved to small offices in downtown Chicago, and in 1964 the headquarters were moved to larger offices spaces in Hinsdale, Illinois. Finally, in 1977 the Society moved to its own headquarters building (owned by ANS) in La Grange Park, Illinois.

Headquartered in the former Oak School, the historic schoolhouse structure was built in 1929 and remains intact. When the school was purchased in 1976, ANS agreed not the change any of the building's exterior surfaces, a promise the Society has faithfully upheld. It remains as it did then, a charming sienna-brick schoolhouse that recalls an earlier time. Today, many former teachers, students, and parents still visit to reminisce about the former school and recall where the fishpond for kindergarten children used to be. On September 1, 1992, the building was dedicated to Octave J. Du Temple, in honor of his more than 30 years of leadership as Executive Director.

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