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A Golden Anniversary - Golden Opportunities

2004 marks the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the American Nuclear Society.

Celebrating a tradition of innovation, ANS exists at the nexus of the legacy and the future of nuclear technology. In the last fifty years, nuclear applications have moved from the university laboratory and found a home in the world's factories, food-processing plants, health care facilities, and beyond the reaches of deep space. In the next fifty years and beyond, ANS members envision the dramatic and continued expansion of this technology. The professional membership of the society works to make nuclear science a part of our everyday lives.

A new era of commercial activities has taken nuclear technologies out of the exclusive purview of the government and opened opportunities for business and industry. Nuclear science, once considered the realm of theory and science fiction, has gone from textbook technology to everyday applications benefiting the lives of nearly everyone.

In a world that looks for simple answers to complex questions, the American Nuclear Society serves as a credible voice in the debate and forum for the exchange of information about such nuclear issues as radiation, waste management, transportation, and energy sustainability.

The peaceful power of the atom is no dream of the future. Progress has been realized in the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology. Training programs and technical libraries have enhanced our scientific knowledge. Radioisotopes have proven to be invaluable in medicine, agriculture, industry, and space exploration. Today, civilian nuclear power reactors provide 20 per cent of our country's electricity.

To honor the Golden Anniversary of the American Nuclear Society, various tributes and events will take place throughout the year. This web site is designed to convey information about the ANS anniversary and provide resources for use throughout the year.

In recognition of our history of professional exchange and public service, our 50th year will be a year of opportunities. Throughout 2004, we encourage each of our 10,500 members to educate decision makers, opinion shapers, and the public about the unique role and contributions of ANS.

For more information, please visit the sections below. Please note that additional content will be added throughout the year.

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