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Nominating Committee Selects 2015 Candidates

Vice President / President–Elect Candidates
The ANS Nominating Committee has selected as the candidates for Vice President / President-Elect: Jack S. Brenizer (Penn State University) and Andrew C. Klein (Oregon State University).

Treasurer Candidates
The Nominating Committee has selected as the candidates for Treasurer (a two-year term): Steven A. Arndt (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and Margaret E. Harding (4 Factor Consulting LLC).

Board of Director Candidates
The ANS Board of Directors each serve a three year term that begins and ends during an ANS Annual Meeting. The ANS Bylaws and Rules require that U.S. and non U.S. members be proportionately represented; therefore, in the 2015 election, there are four U.S. Director At-Large, and one non-U.S. Director At-Large positions to be filled.

U.S. Director At–Large Position Candidates
Nominated to run for the U.S. Director At-Large positions are: Todd R. Allen (INL), Carol L. Berrigan (NEI), Peter F. Caracappa (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Dorothy R. Davidson (AREVA, Inc.), J. Stephen Herring (INL), Raymond T. Klann (PNNL), William R. Martin (University of Michigan), Corey K. McDaniel (RSCC Nuclear Wire & Cable), Todd S. Palmer (Oregon State University), Robert F. Penn (AREVA, Inc.), W. David Pointer (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and Gary J. Taylor (Entergy).

Non–U.S. Director At–Large Position Candidates
Nominated to run for the Non-U.S. Director At-Large – Asia / Oceania – position are: Hong Jiang (China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.) and Kune Y. Suh (Seoul National University).

Directors whose terms will end in June 2015 are: Margaret E. Harding, Donald R. Hoffman, Angelina S. Howard, Andrew C. Klein, Stephen P. Schultz, Gary J. Taylor, and Mingguang Zheng.

In addition to Chair Donald R. Hoffman, members of this year's Nominating Committee included: Local Sections Committee Chair Tinh Tran, Professional Divisions Committee Chair Hans D. Gougar, Margaret S.Y. Chu, Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar, J. Wesley Hines, Edward (Ted) L. Quinn, Todd J. Urbatsch, and John K. Wheeler.

Nominating by Petition icon
Members have the option to nominate by petition. Candidates, other than individuals on the Nominating Committee's slate, may be nominated by petition for Officer and Director vacancies. Acceptable petitions must:

  • Be signed by 200 or more ANS voting members;
  • Contain the original signature of each petitioner;
  • Have the nominee's written consent; and
  • Be in the Office of the ANS Executive Director at least 22 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. Petitions for the 2015 national election are due at ANS Headquarters no later than January 5, 2015 (no extensions).

Ballots for the 2014 2015 election will be mailed on February 23, 2015. As ratified by the ANS membership in June 1997, there is no longer balloting at the Annual Meeting. Therefore, the mail ballots for the Board of Directors election must be returned and received no later than 12 noon on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

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