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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee helps fulfill ANS's mission by creating a forum for sharing information and engaging the public and policymakers through communication outreach. The committee takes up matters related to the efforts of the Society, its constituent units, and individual members. It aims to facilitate and improve communication regarding nuclear science, engineering, and technology among professionals in the field and non-technical audiences. The committee makes recommendations to the officers and Board of Directors of the Society concerning public information policies and activities, increases the distribution and circulation of official Society statements for public release, and cooperates with other agencies and associations in building awareness of nuclear science and technology, and to support crisis response.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend committee meetings at each of the national meetings and participate on conference calls as needed.
  • Identify strategic direction for ANS communication activities regarding Society members and the general public.

Helpful Traits for Members:

  • General knowledge of communications, communication practices, and ANS communication vehicles.

Committee Chair: Lisa Marshall

Staff Liaison:

Please visit the Public Information section of this site, or visit the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information website at for additional information and resources.

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