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Special Committee on Advanced Reactor Policy

The Special Committee on Advanced Reactor Policy is hereby charged to conduct a survey of existing advanced reactor-related legislation and policy proposals and develop a synthesized set of policy-related recommendations aimed at accelerating the deployment of advanced reactors in the U.S. and abroad which best represent the consensus position of the U.S. nuclear community.

In its proceedings, the Special Committee shall:

  • Examine the role of consensus standards and other guidance in accelerating advanced reactor licensing and development;
  • Review current federal policies in law, regulation, public pronouncement and practice;
  • Examine the previous recommendations of government departments, advisory groups, national laboratories and non-governmental organizations;
  • Identify any notable policy gaps and/or lack of consensus on particular advanced reactor policy questions;
  • Consider any unconventional ideas that have not gotten sufficient attention;
  • Solicit input from advanced reactor developers, congressional members and staff, executive branch officials, regulators, and other experts and key opinion leaders;
  • Prepare one or more reports on its findings and recommendations for the President.

Committee Chair: Marv Fertel

Staff Liaisons: Tracy Marc, Craig Piercy, and John Starkey

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